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04-03-2018 - Andrzej Wełmiński

20 – 24 Mar 2018
The Comet at the Coronet

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ATTENTION! The Comet is coming !!!

23-08-2017 - Andrzej Wełmiński


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Pages from the Book of… at the festivals in Moldova and Romania

29-05-2016 - Andrzej Wełmiński

The spectacle Pages from the Book of… directed by Teresa and Andrzej Welminski and performed by the Cricot 2 Theatre artists (Andrzej Wełminski, Teresa Wełminski, Andrzej Kowalczyk) together with the international 3 Arangement group, inspired by the works of Bruno Schulz  will be presented at the

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Edinburgh Festival FRINGE 2014

21-08-2014 - Andrzej Wełmiński

Against Nothingness or 3 cm Above an Empty Headat 

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AGAINST NOTHINGNESS OR 3 cm above an empty head…

02-03-2014 - Andrzej Wełmiński


LONDYN Rose Bruford College 2014

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29-06-2012 - Andrzej Wełmiński

Our group of 11 European Theatre Arts  and 1 Lighting Designer students returned yesterday from a week in Bratislava where they participated in the International Festival of Theatre Schools 'Istropolitana Projekt' with the performance Pages From The Book Of...

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"Pages from the book of..." at the Student Theatre Festival "Istropolitana Project'12" in Bratislava

28-06-2012 - Andrzej Wełmiński

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20-02-2012 - Andrzej Wełmiński

free frame

Guy Gormley, Tom Lovelace, Aaron Murphy & Andrzej Welminski

Private view Friday 24 February 2012 [SLAM Last Friday]
Exhibition 25 February - 31 March

Andrzej Welminski, In Ruins detail

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